Troubleshooting Email Issues


Written by SarahS

18th March 2020

There can be a number of different reasons why your emails may not be working as expected, these include: problems with your email software, your computer, your internet provider or the server.  In order to narrow down the issue it is best to start testing where the problem lies.

Internet Connection

Firstly, make sure you can connect to the internet.  Try visiting an up to date site such as and checking that the date and time is correct.  If it is not, or if you cannot access the web page at all then you most likely have a problem with your internet connection.  Contact your provider first to get this resolved.


If you can get onto the internet then go to your Webmail.  The Webmail address will be:
webmail.yourdomain.domainsuffix e.g.

Your login is your full email address and your email password.  If you can log in then try sending and receiving emails.  If you cannot log in then please take a screenshot of the errorr message and email it to me.  If you can login but cannot send and receive emails then please get in touch and send any error messages if there are any.

Software/Computer Problems

If you can send and receive emails in your Webmail then the problem is most likely either your software or your computer.  In these cases I would recommend you check all your settings on the software you use and make sure it is up to date.  If it is then you could try getting in touch with your software provider. If the software is fine then the problem could be your computer.  You could try downloading different email software to test this.  Also, always make sure your operating system is up to date.  If you still cannot access your emails on your computer you may need to try a different computer or get in touch with a computer technician who may be able to help you.

In all cases I would advise checking your Webmail first and then taking it from there. If you need to contact me at any point make a note of what you did so that I am able to reproduce the error and take any screenshots of errors that you get.

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