Simple Laravel Edit Not Working? Try This.

Written by SarahS

22nd April 2020
If you’ve made a small edit to Laravel and for some reason it’s not working then you made need to clear your cache.  For example I change the default MAIL_DRIVER from the log to smtp (so I could test out Mailtrap) and it had no effect at all.  The way to fix this is to clear out the cache in your terminal as so:

php artisan config:cache

I did this and ran the code again and voila, everything worked fine!

This is one of my Laravel posts.  I’m still learning Laravel so the posts are usually pretty basic and are more aimed at keeping track of things that I find useful so that I can come back to them again at a later date.  I hope you find them useful too.  If not, or if you think they are wrong then please leave a comment below.  Thank you.

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