Basic Laravel 6 Setup with Auth, Git, DB and Telescope

Written by SarahS

23rd September 2019
  1. In Terminal CD to your Projects folder
  2. *Run
    [laravel new projectName --auth]
  3. In GitHub desktop, add a Local Repository, add a readme and Laravel GitIgnore and push it to GitHub
  4. Open your database UI and create a new one with an appropriate name
  5. Add connection information to the .env file in your project
  6. CD into your new project folder
  7. add telescope to dev only
    [composer require laravel/telescope --dev]
  8. add detailed error messages
    [composer require facade/ignition]
  9. until we set up a proper mailing service, make all emails logged by going to .env and changing this
  10. add fancy error pages
    [composer require laravelcollective/errors]

    and then

  11. run project

Then your project should be up and running on localhost and you will be able to register and log in and get started!

*Updated 19/11/19 – Laravel 6.3.0 now has auth built in with an --auth flag (see Step 2)

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