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Written by SarahS

15th November 2019
I have struggled to find a good host for testing my Laravel apps. My existing host I can’t use because my sites are on a shared server. So, I have tried AWS and Azure but to no avail, they were too complicated and too expensive and in the end my apps just weren’t working.

Then I found Cloudways. My goodness, what a difference! Not only is setting up simple, they provide really good customer service and I can easily connect to my GitHub account to do quick uploads. All for a great monthly price.

So, if you are building a Laravel app but don’t want to spend all your time trying to understand your server then give Cloudways a try. And here’s a great offer from them to get you started:

This is one of my Laravel posts.  I’m still learning Laravel so the posts are usually pretty basic and are more aimed at keeping track of things that I find useful so that I can come back to them again at a later date.  I hope you find them useful too.  If not, or if you think they are wrong then please leave a comment below.  Thank you.

Faster Laravel Hosting

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