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The Importance of Good Business Cards

business cards

Written by SarahS

2nd March 2020

It may seem that these days if you are in business you don’t need a good business card, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In my line of work it’s true that I don’t tend to use that many, mostly because I do most of my communicating via the internet, but they can be useful for networking. However, for a lot of more physical businesses business cards are essential, they get your name out there and provide potential clients with tons of useful information (if you design them right).

Business cards went through what appeared to be a massive dip in quality. Back in the 80s before everyone had printers and personal computers, business cards were always printed professionally. The designs were, by today’s standards, pretty basic but they still had a professional look and feel to them.

Then suddenly everyone had computers at home and decided that they’d save money by printing their own and goodness me, they were shocking! Luckily some new players entered the market providing well-designed business cards for great prices. Nowadays most people have realised how a home-printed business card reflects badly on a business and there is a move back to professionally printed designs.

On the down side, for those small businesses looking for cost-effective cards, they often look no further than Vistaprint. However, it is worth noting that there are alternatives and one in particular that I use that provides better options and a much better service. This is and I always buy my business cards from them and recommend them to everyone!

I have even decided to use their own designs for my own cards because I like them so much and I’ve found that having a design that is nothing to do with web development is actually a good thing and definitely a conversation starter.

If you’re looking around for a new business card supplier then give and go and if you click on this link you’ll also get 25% off your first order.

P.S. If you are a business with 10 or more employees then use this link: You’ll get access to an Account Manager, special discounts and more.

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