1. In Terminal CD to your Projects folder
  2. Run [laravel new projectName]
  3. In GitHub desktop, add a Local Repository, add a readme and Laravel GitIgnore and push it to GitHub
  4. Open your database UI and create a new one with an appropriate name
  5. Add connection information to the .env file in your project
  6. Get the new auth files by running in Terminal [composer require laravel/ui]
  7. then [php artisan ui vue auth]
  8. then [npm install && npm run dev]
  9. then migrate the tables to the database [php artisan migrate]
  10. add telescope to dev only [
    composer require laravel/telescope --dev]
  11. add detailed error messages [composer require facade/ignition]
  12. add fancy error pages [composer require laravelcollective/errors] and then [
    php artisan vendor:publish


  13. run [composer update]
  14. run project [php artisan serve]