Are You Advertising Someone Else’s Business?

Written by SarahS

20th November 2019

I’m often surprised that even now when almost every business has a website that these same businesses are often advertising someone else’s services.

Don’t know what I mean? Then look at your email address. Is it advertising your website or a free email provider’s? The amount of times I see on the side of vans or @gmail accounts on a business’ website. It makes me cringe and I have no idea why people do this.

You have a domain name – use it! If you own a domain name then use that for your email accounts, it is free advertising for your website. If your email address is then who’s going to know your website URL? No-one! But, if you have a website that is called and your email address is then there is no guessing and you’re not advertising someone else’s business for free.

Remember, every time you send out an email or give out your email address make sure you’re advertising your website, not someone else’s!

At the end of the day which looks more professional? Using your paid-for domain name or a free email account which isn’t tied to your business at all?


Image Credits: Main Photo by on Unsplash

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